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Sell Scrap Gold in New Port Richey, FL

Sell scrap gold in Tampa or New Port Richey, Florida to Quality Coin and Gold.  We buy all scrap gold.  Furthermore, we are a licensed, bonded and insured Coin and Precious Metals Dealer with a stellar reputation and a BBB A+ rating. We buy coins, gold and silver, specializing in US money, and also deal in world / foreign coins and currency, gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, watches and select antiques.

Not sure if it is real?  Bring it all in and we will sort it out and test possible pieces.  Older, broken or custom jewelry may not have hallmarked karat stamps and may need to be verified.  We test questionable pieces with you, explaining the process step by step.  Many times customer are amazed when we determine a piece of jewelry is gold when they thought it was not.  In conclusion, Quality Coin and Gold is the best place to bring all your old, unwanted gold to.


What Is My Scrap Gold Worth?

Do you want to know what your scrap gold is worth?  Then know the value is based on the current spot price, the purity of your precious metal, and the amount of gold you have.  Furthermore, to determine the purity divided by the karat by 24.  10k / 24k = 41, so 10k is 41% gold.  Therefore, higher karat means higher gold content.  Additionally, here are some pictures of possible gold hallmarks.


sell scrap gold, Tampa, New Port Richey, Florida

10k gold hallmark       10k = 41% gold


sell scrap gold, Tampa, New Port Richey, Florida

14k Gold Hallmark      14k = 58% gold


sell gold in New Port Richey, Florida

18k Gold Hallmark      18k = 75% Gold

In summary, the weight and karat of your gold determines the value.


How To Sell Scrap Gold

  1. Gold is identified, potential pieces tested, then sorted by karat
  2. After that, the Gold is weighed
  3. Then, a purchase offer is provided in writing
  4. Finally, immediate payment provided if you choose to sell


In conclusion, because we make the scrap gold selling process straightforward Quality Coin & Gold is your best choice to sell scrap gold to.

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