Identifying Silver Dimes

Do you want to know which dimes are silver?  Identifying silver dimes may be easier than you think.  We are going to teach you 2 basic rules to help you identify silver dimes.  These are basic rules which are guidelines to help you in most coin sorting situations.  Note: there are always exceptions to the rule…


What Years Of Dimes Are Silver?

Rule 1: 1964 and older dimes are 90% silver.  Any United States dime made in 1964 or prior is 90% silver.


Silver Dimes Have No Copper

Rule 2: Silver coins have no copper.  Look at the edge of the coin.  If you see copper it is not silver.  Note:  the absence of copper does not always mean the coin is silver.

Can you find the silver coins in this lot? Can you pick out the silver coins?
90% Silver Dimes No copper in these dimes means 90% silver.
Cupro Nickel dime and 90% Silver Dime Cupro-Nickel on left, 90% Silver on Right



Examples Of Silver Dimes

barber_front_dime barber_dime_back Barber Dime
Minted: 1892-1916
Silver Content: 90%
Silver Weight: 0.0723 troy oz
Note: Barber half dollars, quarters and dimes had the same face image.
mercury_dime_front mercury_dime_back Mercury Dime
Minted: 1916-1945
Silver Content: 90%
Silver Weight: 0.0723 troy oz
roosevelt_dime_front roosevelt_dime_back Roosevelt Dime
Minted: 1946-1964
Silver Content: 90%
Silver Weight: 0.0723 troy oz